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summary volunteers

Antony and Ritu have volunteered to summarize the debates - a task in
which Karthik is the best person to advise. Pl send them info on how to do
these things, Karthik! And Nikhil: pl. add their names as volunteers on
the summaries page ...

Prof. Prabhu: your suggestion is being fulfilled. You ought to pay these
three with a free trip to your institute in Switzerland!


Go Volunteers!! This whole thing is a voluntary effort. If we do not
volunteer ourselves (knowledge, experience, capabilities, etc.), and take
risks - of exposing our inadequacies - in sharing these things with our
fellow citizens, as a civil society, then we cannot build a truly great
nation. Not even a village. First one brick. Then another. And then ...

Now that I've said such good things, I would like 7 more folks to raise
their hands! I know Iris is itching to volunteer, and so is ... (I told
you, I'm going to start taking names one by one! So don't force my hand!)

PS: According to Newton (1996), there are three models of social capital
in three forms of democracy and all three are based on three levels of
trust. In thick trust, there is primary democracy (face-to-face
communities); in thin trust, there is secondary democracy (political
system built upon principles of representation) and in abstract trust,
there is abstract democracy (beyond face-to-face relations). Guess what:
we are not that virtual after all: we are an abstract democratic forum,
based on abstract trust, and building abstract social capital! I am
impressed! But looks like yet another Newton discovered yet another three
laws, while we allowed apples to fall all around us.

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