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Definition of democracy/ tolerance

On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, Dr. Subroto Roy wrote:

> intolerance is to be condemned, since without (almost) absolute freedom
> of
> inquiry and expression, the progess of knowledge in any field is
> impossible.  I

I quote from the Preamble again, since we have plenty of material on these
things there.

"That political groups which use differences of religion, caste, or
language, to come to power, have hurt India very badly both before and
after independence.

"Liberty and mutual respect

"That we may differ from our brothers in the way of achieving the goals,
but we shall respect all dissenters and hear them out, in full, carefully
understanding their argument. Democracy needs real freedom of speech, as
well as patience of all concerned.

"That religion is a purely personal matter never to be brought into the
area of poltical discourse, and no religion is supreme nor worth fighting
about. All religions are to be fully respected.


>From Prof. Roy's statement, I would like to propose a change to the
Democracy thing above. 

Old: "Democracy needs real freedom of speech, as well as patience of all

New: "Democracy needs real freedom of inquiry and expression, as well as
patience of all concerned."

Please vet.

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