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Re: Blurbs needed

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Social Conditions

It is a great honour to be associated with your highly dedicated and
visionary group. My extremely busy life style does not permit me to
participate actively in the group discussions but I do keep track of the
developments. I am content to note that you are receiving excellent
contributions from a large pool of dedicated, well informed  and
people who are extremely eager to bring about the needed revolution to
the country in the right direction.

The Group is coming up with a very powerful message. The most difficult
task is going to be how to get it across to the masses in India a large
percentage of whom are not even literate, leave aside having access to
internet. Yet we must do it, and with the excellent support that we are
receiving, we shall.

I look forward to the day when new leadership inspired by the IP
will take over the reins of the Nation. God speed to all of you in this
very worthy cause.

Suresh Anand
Nautical Advisor
Hong Kong Government, Marine Department.

At 10:59 AM 06.09.98 -0700, you wrote:
>A section on "What they say" is needed on the IP page. That

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