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Welcome to a new member from Confederation of Indian Industry

Dear folks,

It was high time that we involved, in our debates, industry reps. While we
have a number of NRIs and also some business folk from India, as well as a
rep of the Indo-American Chambers of Commerce on this debate, we needed
the big 'official' reps of industry to be with us.

Please welcome Shahul Ahmed, the representative of the Confederation of
Indian Industry (CII) in China, based in Shanghai. I hope he will check
out the work done so far in the past 6 months at the indiapolicy.org
website and also watch for a while the way things are working out over
here, and then actively participate and tell us his perspective of what
the best policy for India should look like.

In particular, I have already apprised the members of this debate of the
excellent bunch of policies in the 'wish list' of the CII at


We have already discussed a very preliminary first draft of our policy
document, called, "People's Manifesto" (that name can change). That draft
is being further improved, topic-wise, till December. Then, we are going
to send out that draft to about 10000 Indians in early 1999 and expand the
debate on policy. Finally, we will publish what should be close to a 'best
consensus' document on the 1st of Jan, 2000 AD.

It is hoped that that "final" document will be widely read, understood and
debated across India, and help shift the median voter toward policy and
system reform. Your participation will be invaluable. Also others from CII
will be soon needed here, as well as the big industrialists personally,
and the labor leaders, etc.



PS: Since you have seen, at first hand, the great difference between
Indian and Chinese policies, could you begin by giving us your comments on
the newsitem of today: "India got just 10 pc of China's FDI, says IBRD" ?

Also take a look at:


By the way, Prof. Deepak Lal has a paper comparing the policies of India
and China. That debate/ discussion would surely yield valuable insights.

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