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Pop. again

On Sun, 4 Oct 1998, Arvind wrote:

> * I do not suggest paying money as a "solution" but as a measure to
>   control things till the economy improves and the population can be
>   stable by itself.

The economy has to be 'solved' or improved by economic policy. NOT by
population policy.

> * Again please don't mix up the issues of population size and population
>   growth rate. If the economy grows at a slower rate than the mouths to
> feed,
>   we are in trouble. We can attempt to solve this problem by
>   a) making the economy grow faster
>   b) doing something to slow down the population rate
>   c) both of the above
>   All I did was to suggest option  (c)

Making the economy grow faster means opening it up to individual choice.
That same formula will solve the population "problem." Two birds with one
stone. So: don't lift any other stone: it is irrelevant.
> * Regarding choice, peole will have the choice. Nobody will be forced.
>   Money is only an incentive.

Parents are not fooled by the Rs.200 or Rs.2000. The cost of a child is
ENORMOUSLY more than that. And the potential benefits enormously more,
too. Arvind: let me try an experiment: I will pay you X amount of money to
sterilize yourself. How much will that be? Is $5 enough to tempt you? Or
$50? Name the price. Then multiply it with the millions of people to whom
you wish to offer that incentive. Do we have that much money in India?

> * Bringing in Hitler and Sanjay Gandhi is not a correct comparison.
>   They used force in whatever they did. I advocate choice.

Choice in choosing contraceptive is a MUST. Treating people like rabbits
who are offered a cheap carrot to stop breeding, is NOT. 


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