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Population - some clarifications

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Population

* I do not suggest paying money as a "solution" but as a measure to
  control things till the economy improves and the population can be
  stable by itself.

* Again please don't mix up the issues of population size and population
  growth rate. If the economy grows at a slower rate than the mouths to
  we are in trouble. We can attempt to solve this problem by
  a) making the economy grow faster
  b) doing something to slow down the population rate
  c) both of the above
  All I did was to suggest option  (c)

* Regarding choice, peole will have the choice. Nobody will be forced.
  Money is only an incentive.

* Bringing in Hitler and Sanjay Gandhi is not a correct comparison.
  They used force in whatever they did. I advocate choice.

* Government of India is already doing what I suggested. It pays Rs.200.
  I merely suggested increasing this amount to something like Rs.2000.

* As for Sanjeev's points, who is disputing it? All I suggest is one
  point *in addition* to the methods he suggests. There is no reason to
  discard this method. Read the article by Jairam Ramesh I posted a few
  days back. If it works in TN, AP and Kerala, why should we discard 
  the method used?


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