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Week's Agenda: Population

I would like Prof. S. Roy to kindly specify which part of my statement 
he finds to be 'misleading and contentious'. I would also like to know 
which remark of mine is 'totally disengaged from Indian experience'. I 
do agree with Prof. Roy when he says that IPI has reached a critical and 
serious political subject matter. Religious intolerance is both a 
critical and serious political subject matter. However, to raise the 
subject is definitely not the same as fostering contention. To 
paraphrase Prof. Roy, what does he mean when he calls the statements 
misleading and contentious? Does he mean that the topic should not be 
raised at all? As for the statements being unrelated to Indian 
experiences, sir, I respectfully disagree. I have seen people I have 
grown up respecting, claim that the single best act of their lives was 
their participation in the destruction of the Babri Masjid. To be honest 
sir, this fills me with dismay and worry. I find it hard to believe that 
such fervent irrationality will die out on its own.

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