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Re: On Tolerance

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Dear Professor Roy

I am sorry to have upset you by my observation that there are some
fanatics in power.  I have no intention about pronouncing whether
such as those you suggest are or are not religious fanatics.  It is
however, that there are some religious fanatics in power.  Also that
those who 
are NOT religious fanatics ARE colluding with religious fanatics

Let us take facts, rather than opinions.  Has there been any
condemnation of the
illegal destruction of the Babri Mosque?  Has there been any reparation
apology to the Sikhs who were wantonly massacred following Mrs Gandhi's
Has there been any action against those who are killing and beating and
Christians in India right now?  Not as far as I am aware.

Perhaps you are right.  Perhaps I am out of touch with many things that
happening in India.  But there is also such as thing as not seeing the
wood for 
the trees.  Those who sit far away can see some things, just as those
who sit 
nearby can see some things.  Let us not quarrel about where a person is
though of course what he or she claims to see is open to discussion and 

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