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Excellent plan:

"Deputy chief minister Gopinath Munde supported Thackeray's suggestion to
supply farmers power free of charge. He estimated the cost at Rs 650
crore. The move would benefit 22 lakh farmers."

I do think that this is an excellent plan indeed! Why only make it free
for 22 lakh farmers? Why not make power free for everyone? And why 650
crores? Why not simply print money and distribute to everyone you see? 1
billion folks are waiting to be so "benefited" in India. 

Stop competition in airlines. Give away money to 2.2 million 'farmers' who
are not expected to pay income tax anyway. Are there any better
'solutions' designed to keep India backward and struggling in the
villages? I can only think of a few more, but perhaps the designers of
policy have already figured those out! 

Food is a huge surplus commodity in the world today. A mere 4% of the US
population is able to produce enough to feed USA and supply to the rest of
the world. Food production is a dead duck. Not the way to gain a
competitive advantage in the world. But that is immaterial. We are not
satisfied with the last but 10h position in the world in income. We are
keen to beat Bangladesh and Nepal! 

I am not denying that we need to be producing a good quantity of food, but
the farmer will produce it anyway depending on the demand. We should be
moving into letting the markets determine the demand for commodities. We
should be setting up major futures markets and linking up with the world
demand and supply of food. Intervention in famine relief is acceptable.
Increasing subsidies (most of which go toward meeting electoral
expenditures) is not. 


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