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Prof. Deepak Lal's work

For those who have not read Prof. Lal's work, I thought I'd bring this to
your notice:

a) Please refer to my earlier comments on Prof. Lal's book "Against
Dirigisme" at


I thank Prof. Lal for joining IP at this stage. I am sure he will guide
this work wherever we go off the track.

b) Prof. Lal's s Professor B.R. Shenoy Memorial Lecture, which he
delivered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in March 1996, and published in abridged
form at the Cato Institute, is now linked to the IPI publications page. It
would be good to have the entire lecture. I have requested some of his
other working papers including a talk he delivered at USC a couple of
years ago. His work is very important and must be widely read and



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