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Admn: Update + New Advisor

a) the publications section has been updated and linked up from the main
web page. Please check out:


If you would like any of your writeups (tentative, published, unpublished)
to show up here, please sent to me/ Nikhil in digital format. 

b) Prof. Prabhu Guptara has consented to be an Advisor. He feels that
there are many things which encourage him and make him enthusiastic about
being an Advisor of IPI. I was a bit concerned that the debates have
sometimes 'hotted up,' but he feels, "that is in the nature of things.  
Provided that, overall, we can retain objectivity and reasonableness..."

I think that is an excellent statement to abide by. 

Now that this is accepted, I would like to return to business: You said -

"Europe is far better as a model at which to aim, in which there is a
minimum provision for everyone (Europe is largely a middle-class society,
with wealth relatively evenly distributed).  The result is hardly any
crime, hardly any poverty, hardly any excessive richness of the sort one
finds in the US.
"However, the author's criticism of the lack of venture capital in Europe
IS valid, and is receiving attention here (though in the usual slow and
over-considered/perfectionist manner).
"His criticism that the old nobilities are still "in place" is also
correct, with the fundamental caveat that they have been joined by many of
the old peasant and working classes.  So that the gap between the poorest
and the richest is not so large, which makes it largely meaningless
whether or not the old nobility still has money (they don't have as much
as they used to, proportionally speaking; and the rest have much, much

I have no real interest in the European system or American system. We are
clearly interested on this forum in key policy instruments and would be
concerned with your definition - in bullet point form - of the key
ingredients of a good system that India must possess. Please check out the
web and let us have the benefit of your views on what we should be doing
in India.

[By the way, for the rest of the folks, an excellent bunch of Prof.
Guptara's recent publications is linked up through

I have also put up his speech on the web that he gave on the EMU to the
Churchill Symposium.]

c) Summaries: Prof. Guptara had suggested:

"We should probably find a way of producing an "edited" version of the
discussions accessible as a single file.  This applies not just to
"religion" but to all other subjects.  Such single files could become
"introductory" reading for all new people...."

Well, Karthik the Great Soul had put in a lot of labor for a while, and we
have some initial summaries of debates, but later, no one has come forward
to help out. So this is dormant for a while. Please suggest how we can
wheedle people to volunteer, apart from zapping them electronically, which
Arvind reports he does not know how to.


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