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New Honorary Advisor

Having considered the possibility that we can consult with experts in the
field of economics (and other, governance related fields), whether they be
from India or from other places, it struck me that we could have a
position of Honorary Advisors, a person of non-Indian origin, whose
expertise/ opinions we value, and who would be interested in commenting
upon the debates once in a while.

I was able to talk about this with my own Committee chair, Professor
Jeffrey Nugent, who has written extensively on the institutional
conditions necessary for development. He was pleased at this concept of a
'lab to land' experiment where the latest research is disseminated to the
people in the field.

He has agreed to be an Honorary Advisor. He will receive all mail and will
be able to comment wherever he feels necessary.  Please welcome him aboard
this very ambitious project, desirous of producing 20 pages after 1 1/2
years of work! I hope others whose expertise lies in this field will also
join this venture.


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