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Some more stuff on Population

Robinson (who is an Assistant Prof at USC) had actually written a joint
paper with "our" own expert, T.N. Srinivasan, entitled:

"Long-term Consequences of Population Growth: Technical Change, Natural
Resources, and the Environment," with T.N. Srinivasan, Handbook of
Population and Family Economics, M.R. Rosenzweig and O. Stark eds.
(Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1995).

Baland and Robinson (1996)(in the draft paper I cited earlier) also point
out, "The aggregate evidence about the effects of population growth on
economic development is ambiguous. The empirical evidence, extensively
surveyed by Kelley (1988), Birdsall (1988) and Robinson and Srinivasan
(1996), is that there is no robust relationship between population growth
and development one way or the other."

I believe that with this, we simple folk can proceed a bit more
confidently and safely forward by not changing the stance we developed for
the manifesto last time. I have invited Prof.Robinson to join us as
Advisor (he sits about 6 feet away from me in my neighboring room) and I
hope he does that. Then we can get more authentic info as we build our
work into a truly scientific 'manifesto' or 'agenda for change.'

While we are writing a very brief document, it should be the 'state of the
art' in terms of quality.


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