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Population 'containment' again

> I am not an economist. But as a simple thought, I do feel that if a
> country is unable to create jobs, unable to collect enough taxes to
> provide basic services, a high population growth is surely not going to
> help out in reducing hunger and reduce demand in a supply-demand
> equation.
> IMO, it is right to say that if we get the fair markets work in India,
> population growth will have a minimal impact. But to solve the immense
> problems of various sort today, a slower population growth will surely
> help in reducing the number of people sleeping hungry than any other
> developed country.

I am not against a slower pop. growth. Who will be against that? 

I am against simplistic solutions like: give people money to sterilize
themselves. That is so simplistic that it makes me fall off my chair! I am
proposing the ONLY viable solutions that have worked so far in the history
of the world, and which has ALREADY been summarized on the web:

Population Policy

The only known relationship between population and economic growth is that
fertility declines as a nation gets richer. High fertility is a symptom of
poverty, not its cause. Population size, by itself, has no known effect on
the growth of the economy. In other words, economic growth has to come
first and that will lead to a decline in population. In addition, higher
education and lower infant mortality lead to population declines.

Therefore, while the public and private efforts to increase the supply of
contraceptives will be boosted, and education of the people on the
availability and use of contraception will be promoted, people will be
allowed to make their own choices on the number of children they want. No
targets will be set either for fertility or for population size, since
population will automatically decline, rapidly, as other policies come
into effect.


>From all that I have heard so far (basically from the rich and elite of
India) I have no reason to change one word of the above paras. If you have
any other specific words to introduce here, pl. propose. There is more to
it, as Prof Easterlin would say, and as Prof. Roy has already pointed out.
However, that other stuff is not quite relevant to us in India today.

BTW, I will help write this section on "common myths" later, on
population. So, relax. India's population will decline, but without
forcing people to sterlize or giving them rewards (as if they were some
pests like cockroaches and we wanted less cockroach children!). Believe
me, every brain produced in India will become immensely valuable (hot
property today is the brain!) if the economic policies are put into place.

A time comes when even highly dense populations like England and Japan run
short of people. 

So: people are NOT the problem (at least not their number). It is we - the
educated elite - who do not wish to study the problems fully - who are the
problem. Let us not make quack prescriptions for India. Use data,
scientific method, studies, and then let us move forward.


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