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Common Myths

After thinking about the tediousness (and impossibility) of trying to
communicate to each and every person, personally, facts like "population
size is totally unrelated to economic growth or even pollution" I am
reverting back to one of my favorite desires, as my fingers almost finally
give way (after a month of medication, I am worse than I was before; I
should have listened to the doctor).

Along with the document called "Principles of Wealth Creation" we should
prepare a document called, "common myths." This is a tentative list I had
prepared at one time (February, 1998) We could include some of these
topics as well as others, and we could each of us write a page or two on
each, so that that can be published as a second document, updated

If this is accepted, I am going to open a section called "Publications"
and include 

	a) publications by Friedman, and others (including writers like
	   Kaushik Basu who gave us special rights to publish their	

	b) Manifesto (or whatever else we call it)
	c) Principles of Wealth creation
	d) Common Myths

Please approve this concept. SS


Don't be deceived: we are actually a very poor nation. 

Why corruption is the symptom of our problems; not the cause of our

Why the "appealing" arguments of Communists are flawed 

Human beings are not designed to be mere labour. Let us use our brains.
Let the brains of India unite! 

Why population is a relatively minor issue 

Why self-reliance or swadeshi is not enough 

Why automation and computerization will create more jobs 

Why we must declare ourselves to be nuclear, quickly 

India needs a Social Security System, urgently 

Why the private sector manages business best 

Why we should not be afraid of foreign companies 

Why the entire world will gain as India prospers 

Why it is not the job reservations but bad economic policies that have
harmed India 

Have a small government but pay the employees very well 

Why we must phase out reservations in the next decades. 

Why environment is a relatively minor issue 

The way to success is through higher and yet higher education 

We need to urbanize, more rapidly and in a better way 

The only way to keep our Kashmiri brothers with us: Become rich 

Electoral reform: remove all limits, but encourage a bi-polar polity 

Why everyone in India needs to pay income tax 

India belongs to all: If you do not eat beef, do not stop others from
eating it. 

Want to attract foreign tourists? Don't spit, piss and defecate on the
roads, then. 

Wealth is more important than the language a child speaks: why all the
rich in India send their children to English medium schools. 

Let not your daughter's talents be wasted. Women are capable of wonderous

On Fri, 2 Oct 1998, Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:

> > Population growth definitely is adversely related. 
> NO. This is something I have touched upon earlier in the debates and which
> I don't have the energy to write upon, but you must read widely. Then the
> relationship between economic policy and wealth will be clear, the other
> one is NOT there. Too tired to teach everyone personally. Some myths must
> continue I guess due to sheer difficulty in teaching the reality.
> > There is no harm in
> > containing population growth. 
> Never. No 'containment' please. This arrogant desire to contain other
> people's children is as irrational as the equally arrogant desire to teach
> other people's children. Who are you (or who am I?) to contain other
> people's children? What gives you such rights? Sanjay Gandhi's arise from
> such arrogance. Hitlers arise from such arrogance. Respect the people of
> your nation, I say. Let them CHOOSE.
> > > children. My dissertation paper, almost ready, studies institutions and
> > > fertility in Thailand, and evidence is substantially clear:
> > 
> > All this works only in the long run. 
> False. I have written extensively on this earlier in the debates and shown
> how RAPIDLY the declines in population in SE Asia started AS SOON AS
> economic growth shot up. Facts, Arvind. Look around and study the facts.
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