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Does choice take longer?

> Population growth definitely is adversely related. 

NO. This is something I have touched upon earlier in the debates and which
I don't have the energy to write upon, but you must read widely. Then the
relationship between economic policy and wealth will be clear, the other
one is NOT there. Too tired to teach everyone personally. Some myths must
continue I guess due to sheer difficulty in teaching the reality.

> There is no harm in
> containing population growth. 

Never. No 'containment' please. This arrogant desire to contain other
people's children is as irrational as the equally arrogant desire to teach
other people's children. Who are you (or who am I?) to contain other
people's children? What gives you such rights? Sanjay Gandhi's arise from
such arrogance. Hitlers arise from such arrogance. Respect the people of
your nation, I say. Let them CHOOSE.

> > children. My dissertation paper, almost ready, studies institutions and
> > fertility in Thailand, and evidence is substantially clear:
> All this works only in the long run. 

False. I have written extensively on this earlier in the debates and shown
how RAPIDLY the declines in population in SE Asia started AS SOON AS
economic growth shot up. Facts, Arvind. Look around and study the facts.

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