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Re: Change in nomenclature and copyright

Administrative Note:

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Regarding name:  I think you should drop both "ideal" (too
perfectionist) and  "manifesto."  IMO "manifesto" is archaic and has
communistic implications.  Since we are keeping away from phoney
socialistic claims (still made by many in India and the so-called
"leftists" overseas), it is better not to use that word.  It is far
better to use as much contemporary language as possible.  Despite our
"inheritance" of British English, people ought to realize that
American Standard English is the most popular and reconizable form of
English the world over.

Regarding copyright:  The present understanding on the net is that you
can post from any link or site on your website, as long as the
original source is clearly acknowdeged and no commercial use is made
of such material.  Therefore, it is not illegal for people to quote or
post whole articles from other Websites.  Particularly, newspapers
etc. which are explicitly meant for anybody to read.  Not citing the
source, plagarizing, or using it for your personal gain, ARE violation
of copyrights.  IP is not using any material on its website for
commercial purposes.  Therefore, there is no copyright violation.

Regarding the other issue of "hearsay" etc.  That has nothing to do
with copyright.  It is a matter of free speech and is fully protected
by the First Amendment.  People should be free to express anything
they want on this list.  IP does not prohibit people from writing a
rebuttal or corrections or counter opinions.  Therefore, please, let
us not be frightened.  Free speech is fully protected folks.  Yes, if
you worry retaliation from India, that is entirely a different matter.
 But please we do not have to hide in the backroom coffeshops to
express ourselves.
Kush Khatri

Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu> wrote:
> I think we should call the work we are doing as the "People's
>Manifesto" rather than the "Ideal Manifesto."
> Any comments?
> SS
> About copyrights: Ajay: please remember that the critical constraint
>in this is the violation of property rights of others (not our members
> alone). Since we are moderating all postings, we would perhaps be held
> liable if we allow a member to post copies of articles from, say, the
> Times of India. However, if we leave the archives completely
> 'Off-Institute' - i.e., a private discussion among people over a
> table, we would not have to face closing down due to legal
> In addition, we are NOT following journalistic standards. We do not
> for authenticity of statements made. Hearsay is acceptable, as it
would be
> in a private conversation. I mean: I posted the other day that one
> of India (occupying a very critical position in India today at the
> national level), had demanded $5 million for clearing an American
> project in his/her state. I know this is true since I heard this
from the
> horse's mouth (the consultant who had gone to meet this CM for
> But you don't. For you, this is hearsay. I have not thought it fit
for us
> to be an investigative group since that is an endless waste of time.
> we are permitting non-libellous (of course) but un-authenticated
> statements; in fact, making them too. How does this go with our taking
> copyrights over these postings? Doesn't that lead the Board into
> trouble? Do you wish to take up that trouble? I would think it best
> each member to be fully responsible for his/her postings and that we
> getting involved in these legal issues. We don't want to be closed
down by
> some 'opposing' group going to court and snuffing out this voice.
> Please take up this matter with your lawyer friend and let us know
how he
> feels. Please let him spend some time reading the postings to get a
> for the potential for vicarious liability.
> Thanks,
> Sanjeev
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