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Week's Agenda - Law and Order

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Population

This week will be devoted to Law and Order.
The next week will be Economy and it will be
followed by Defence and Foreign Affairs.
Healthcare will be taken up after that. 

Law And Order

Enhancing the educational qualification for recruitment into police
Modernization of the police force.

Enhancing salary as well as training given to police personnel.

Implementation of Vohra Committee recommendations
[ Can someone elaborate on what these recommendations are]

Requirement of enquiry by returning officer to verify police records
of all candidates.

Modernizing criminal records

Strategies to improve public-police interactions including conducting
open houses at police stations.

Severe penalties to police officials using 3rd degree methods.

Uniform Civil Code

Proper communication system for better coordination and easy decision 

Implementation of National Police Commission's Recommendations
[ Please elaborate on this if you know more ]

Looking into complaints on organizational problems

Political parties/unions to be held responsible for causing public
during dharnas 
[ There was a suggestion to collect a deposit from them and a response 
pointing out that collecting deposits is undemocratic. How about
deposits from groups with a history of causing damage? ]

Enactment of suitable Lok Pal legislation for an effective multi member
lok pal. Recommendations of Lok Pal should be honoured irrespective 
of party affiliation. At most one appeal to supreme court within 30

Compulsory declaration of Assets and liabilities with source of income
by MPs, ministers, public functionaries including those of spouse and
dependent children made to CAG or election commission. Stringent
penalty for non or false declaration.

Compulsory audit of political parties. Derecognition of erring political

Debarring a candidate convicted for criminal offence from contesting

Legislation for citizens right to information at all levels of
on major Govt purchases of goods and services except those related 
to critical areas of defence.

Severe penalties for embezzlement of public funds.

Crimes with caste/religious motives to be dealt with severely.

Heavy penalties for policemen subverting the process of law.


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