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Off-topic: Permission to publish Prof. Basu's artcle

Prof. Nirvikar Singh suggested:

> Kaushik has a nice paper in a volume edited by Bimal Jalan on the Indian
> economy.

Prof. Basu has permitted this to be so posted:


"You are most welcome to put up on the IPI website my chapter entitled
"Markets, Governments and Laws" in Bimal Jalan's book, The Indian Economy:
The Anatomy of a Crisis, Penguin, 1992.

"But please cite the book where it was originally published.

"Kaushik Basu"

Next step: This book is not available in the USC library. We have 3 other
books by Bimal Jalan (1975, 1982, 1991) but not this (1992) one.  Does
anyone on this list have access to this book? If so, please take the
trouble of photocopying it/ scanning it and sending this chapter over. We
must read and re-read these critical writings of people who have spent
their whole life studying India and the world.



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