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Re: Are we better than anyone else? (fwd)

> Hello Everybody,
> 		When all of you talk about macro economy and social democratism, etc I
> can do nothing but lurk. This was the reason I had posed my question
> earlier to Sanjeev. How are you going to take this discussion or atleast
> the end result to the genral public. Unless they are involved how will
> this wonderful work succeed? Not everybody is a social scientist.
> 		For these discussions to materialze, we should have an ideal society.
> At least a near ideal society. For that team work is very very
> essential, everyone working on their strengths and not trying to gloss
> up their weaknesses. This sense of team work can be acheived only by
> inducing it. Not just preaching will do. How to acheive this near ideal
> society? Like that of Singapore.
> 		How to induce this team sense with nationalism included?
> Surely a miltary raj wont do. Why cant we have compulsary drafting in
> the armed services at the age of 18. Of all indivduals including women.
> For 2 years. Only if they complete this course they will be given future
> benefits like ID cards, license, ration cards, education admissions to
> university. My opinion is that the armed forces are the place to learn
> the team work at its best. I dont know how far this idea is feasible.
> 		I leave it for you experts to discuss and decide.
> Best regards
> R Krishnan
> CAF - Chief Access Facilitator
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Sir!  correct me if I am wrong. It is a wonderful idea of 
having a compulsory drafting in the armed forces at the age of
18 to have a sense of team work and patriotism but, to the
best of my knowledge I understand that at least in NCC
(National Cadet Corps) in schools as well as colleges, there has
always been more people wanting to serve than demanded. So it
again boils down to the problem of population and poverty.

I am sure even without compulsion every Indian would be happy to
serve the nation given a chance.

Best Regards
Sreekanta Padiyar
Hebrew University of Jerusalem