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Indian Constitution


I am concerned that the Indian Constitution seems to be very easy to
amend.  So far, in 50 years, the Indian Constitution has been amended
about 70 times (Ajay correct me if I am wrong).  The US constitution has
about 28 amendments in 222 years (the first 10 as Sanjeev correctly
pointed out are the Bill of Rights and were done in the first 10 years
of independence).  I believe the amendment process is extremely simple
and is abused.  For example, Mrs. Gandhi amended it to add the
"Socialist" word, another time she amended it to make the General
Elections every six years (later rescinded by the Morarji Desai
administration - am I right?).

The three lists in the Indian Constitution (Union, State and Concurrent)
leads to separate amendment processes.  This should be changed to the
way the US Constitution is amended (majority in both houses followed by
simple majority ratification in two thirds of State legislatures).
Constitution should be a simpler document than the 100 pages now taken
up by the Constitution of India.

BTW, Charu, got any better suggestions than shooting everything down?

Thank You.


Dave Mahadevan.. mailto:mahadevan@fuse.net