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Excellent online resource: Economic Reform Today

Please check out


This is a journal covering many of the topics which we are interested in.
It has full text of the articles published online. I have included a link
to it in the IndiaPolicy Reference section.

Second, those who have not read Hernando de Soto's book: The Other Path,
may find it intensely rewarding. Hernando talks of the terrible day-to-day
consequences for businesses and small industries in the bureaucratic
quagmire that was Peru, and how the informal economy (what we might call
black economy at times) operated in order to overcome the impossible
bureaucratic red-tape.  Hernando heads the Institute for Freedom and
Democracy, Lima. I almost felt he was describing India when I first read
this book. Hernando is on the editorial board of the above journal. That's
how I was reminded of him now at midnight.