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Horrible spellings! Re: Debate: Fed Policy target

Terrible: I noticed that I have misspelled Keynes' last name as Keyenes. I
am really getting old. Actually. I'm getting very tired. I have this
presentation tomorrow to my Chair for which I am totally unprepared. I
hope I survive tomorrow. Else if you find a fat dead body floating in the
Santa Monica beach tomorrow night, you'll know whose body it was. 

And sorry, dear old man, Keynes, I hope you will forgive this dying
graduate student of a discipline that you helped propel into public
limelight decades ago ...


> Also, keep in mind the following para from Chapter 23 of The General
> Theory ... by Keyenes:
> "The purpose of this book as a whole may be described as the establishment
> of an anti-Marxian socialism, a reaction against laissez-faire built on
> theoretical foundations totally unlike those of Marx in being based on a
> repudiation instead of an acceptance of the classical hypotheses, and on
> an unfettering of competition instead of its abolition."
> The so-called socialism which Keyenes talked about was clearly
> anti-communist in the first place. Let us be very clear on that. Never