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Re: Are we better than anyone else? (fwd)

meant clearly for indiaPolicy. Pl. post directly there. Thanks. SS

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Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 05:19:32 EDT
From: PapaMeno@aol.com
To: sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu
Subject: Re:  Are we better than anyone else?

Your post about Indians being better, smarter etc. than anyone else, is the
problem. We have to realize that the problem is in the general Indian mass,
not the leadership. The leaders reflect the mass.

Our greatest failure, I would say is a capacity to live in the mind and not
examine reality and how it affects us. There is a dreamy acceptance of our own
superiority that needs to be challenged and debunked.

Because of Indians at the personal level are so convinced of their
superiority, they find it hard to work in teams. And the scientific-industrial
world we inhabit depends on teamwork and rewards it. China and Singapore have
learned the art of marshalling their people efficiently. We have not. In that
simple fact lies the secret of their economic success. 

I think our democratic system and stress on individualism has probably laid
the foundations of more solid overall development, but in economic terms, we
have paid for it with lack of efficiency.