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IT task force(fwd)

Hi All:
	Here is an interesting piece of news. This taskforce thing seems
to be in the air, even the lethargic Indian govt. is starting one
of its own. Even though this is in no way a comprehensive thing, it would
still be interesting to visit this site and see what is going on.



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Subject: IT task force

 As you already know India has got good talented IT/Software
 professionals, the Government of India has already established an IT
 taskforce to prepare an IT Policy for the government. In the process of

 framing the IT policy, valuable inputs in diversified IT areas from the

 people who are expertise in these areas. The GoI has established a
 special web site for collecting the inputs form expertise people. You
 are requested to visit the following web site and please post your
 valuable inputs on different areas.

 Please pass on this message to all of your friends and participate in
 the making of Indian IT policy and help India to become the Software

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