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ADMN: Just wanted to apologize a bit

Anuj (whom I recklessly called "Mr. Rocky" a while ago) wrote me a very
nice mail (below). I am really sorry if we had any misunderstanding on

I understand that Anuj seems to have thought that this is a kind of
moderated list, but no, not yet, though we (organizers) are discussing the
necessity of perhaps converting it into one. Each time such mishaps take
place we get together and discuss the issue of 'closing' the open-ness
policies, but each time we decide in favor of waiting and watching -
hoping that members will read the rules of posting and stick by and large
to the guidelines. 

Some of the organizers have personally taken a lot of flak (being called
amateurish, superficial, people who are trying to sell off India to the
foreigners, etc.) and that is fine. We understand the rigors of the task
we have undertaken and have no wish to moderate any of that. The real
problem is these posts which are completely unrelated to the task of
writing the manifesto and understanding policy. I would request members to
have patience with new members who have not yet understood properly what
we are doing here. We are not yet ready to clamp down on these innocent
lapses. Patience and repeated requests will hopefully win the day.

OK, now that this is out of the way, let's rock!


On Mon, 22 Jun 1998, ROCKLAND wrote:

> Dear Sanjeev,
> I thought you were the list manager for India-Policy because i simply
> replied to the messages reced by me ....and they were sent to you..either
> change the reply to address in all your mails or mention the email add...of
> the list under all  msgs.
> BTW, I am sorry if i breached any content guidelines...It was just a news
> which i thought the list members might find useful+ACEAIQ-
> Thanx+ACE-
> Anuj Chawla
> rockland+AEA-ndb.vsnl.net.in
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sanjeev Sabhlok +ADw-sabhlok+AEA-almaak.usc.edu+AD4-
> To: india+AF8-policy+AEA-cinenet.net +ADw-india+AF8-policy+AEA-cinenet.net+AD4-
> Date: Monday, June 22, 1998 11:37 PM
> Subject: Hold it Mr Rocky +ACEAIQ- Re: Rockland Leasing Limited ranked 15th
> +AD4-Mr. Rockland, No No. This was a No No.
> +AD4-
> +AD4-We are in a self-moderated list discussing policy. Please follow stricly
> +AD4-the rules about which postings are admissible here.  No ads or whatever
> +AD4-about your own company or even political party or whatever. I don't want
> +AD4-to have to convert this into a moderated list. But please do not drive out
> +AD4-good money through pumping in bad money.
> +AD4-
> +AD4-SS