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Re: What's in a name?

> Dear Sanjeev:
> There is indeed a lot in a name!  The analysis and history of your
> last name was very interesting.  Democracy assumes that civility will
> not only be accepted but indeed practised by all.  In short, you
> cannot have "gundagardi" and then make claims to democracy.  Those are
> some of the misconceptions about democracy that we are trying to clear
> on this forum.
> Coming back to the name issue I will be happy to work on the task
> force on governance, but I am not comfortable with this "head" thing. 
> I would simply be the coordinator of this task force or just a POC
> (point of contact).  Also I would propose that the name of the task
> force be amended to "TASKFORCE ON DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE."  I am very
> happy to see new members on the list and have read their
> suggestions/comments with interest. 
Sanjeev, thanks for posting that invitation to people on the
> SAJA(South Asian Journalists Association).  I have now been
> interacting there for a year.  My general feeling is that most
> "journalists" have a very "detached" view of the world.  They think
> that journalists should not get "involved" but rather just report.  Of
> course, I pointed out to them that there is a new trend in journalism
> called "solutions journalism" where journalists are not only doing
> reporting on the problems but on the solutions as well.  Journalists
> cannot be expected to come up with solutions but they can certainly
> report on successfull attempts at real solutions. Journalists should
> not forget that in the end they are as much part of the society they
> live in as any other person or any other professions.  The upshot is I
> do not expect that too many of them will join this discussion. 
> However, if some will visit our site and be lurkers that is progress.
 More later.  Regards to all,
> Kush Khatri, DC
> Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu> wrote:
> >
> > 
> > Well, it struck me that my name is the most appropriate name for
> what we
> > are doing here. Sabhlok is a "sandhi" of two words: "sabhya" and
> "lok."
> > 
> > sabhya  = civil
> > lok	= society/ poeople at large 
> > 
> >
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