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Center for Civil Society


OK, folks, here it is: Barun sent me the following info:

Email:  pjshah@del2.vsnl.net.in
            or @umich.edu
       or civil@siliconindia.com
Webpage: www.siliconindia.com\civil\

Check it out!

Are we leveraging each other's brains or what! One brain in isolation is
only capable of writing a paper in a journal; ten brains can write a
pretty good manifesto. 50 brains can write the Declaration of Independence
(that's what it took to split USA from England). We are now touching 50
subscibers to this list. We can declare our independence from poverty and
statism in the economy, right now!! Banish poverty of thought, forever!

There is nothing like the internet to completely transform the world. Omar
Khayyam would have used the internet instead of merely writing poems, to
mold the world to his heart's desire.

I'm almost tempted to modify Omar as follows:

      Ah Subscriber, could you and I conspire
      To manifest this sorry state of things entire
      To communicate it to a billion subscribers
      And take India back to the tallest spire.

			by Sanjeev Khayyam
		[voices rise in the distance: Mukarrar!! Mukarrar!!]