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New member/supporter


Welcome aboard to Ram Narayan, who has also been included as a supporter. 

For new members, some kind of an introductory welcome letter has been
permanently placed on the web site of indiapolicy. Please do participate

It is the members of the list who will take the discussions forward, and
once again, I repeat, for those who were a bit unsure, that this is not a
mouthpiece of anyone but a free and voluntary, discussion forum, subject
to an evolving set of rules. I am sure there is no reason for only me and
a few others to be contributors to the discussions. I am transforming
myself into a more sober kind of a fellow, and so debating might no longer
be such a difficult thing, though a bit of the fun (and heat) might go

One of my friends told me yesterday that when 7 out of 10 posts are from
me, then how can others feel free to participate. Well, let me tell
everyone of my basic position in life: I and you are free souls who give
of ourselves to whatever we want to. Sharing one's knowledge, experience,
and gaining from each other's knowledge and experience, is not something
that I am hesitant about because I have nothing to lose except my
foolishness and ignorance - two things whose loss I will not rue. If
someone on this list is hesitant about sharing, then that is his/her
choice.  Not something caused by me. The causality of India's painful
position in the world today, runs within us. Those who know better for
India but will not share their knowledge are of not much use to the
nation, what do you think? 

I would love it if my posts dwindle from 7 out of 10 to 1 out of 100, but
I will not have it happen by cutting down what I must say, but by everyone
on this list posting their views freely and boldly. India cannot wait for
us to die before we share our knowledge, if any, with each other, if any,
in the next world, if any.