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Dear friend,

Due to the fact that India_Policy is growing from a group of boistrous
personal friends into a list that is attracting interest from all over
India and the world, and due to the fact that we have to convert this
effort, in stages, into a platform where openness of debate is encouraged
while any liability arising either directly or indirectly from these
debates is eliminated, some rules are being framed for all old and new

You are an "old" subscriber since you are already subscribed to this list. 
Please keep in mind that your decision to subscribe was purely voluntary,
and that you always have, and had, the option to unsubscribe if you find
or found the material posted by anyone, either deliberately, or by error,

For the future, however, we need to make attempts to limit the damage that
could be caused by accidental postings of the type that just happened
today. One way is to make this a completely moderated list, in which case
someone (I, maybe) would get all mail posted to india_policy and would
then screen each mail before posting that mail to other members. After
considerable discussion among a few of us organizing friends, over the
phone, that was felt to be unsustainable in terms of time and energy
needed, as well as a drag on the debates.

As far as today's posting is concerned, all of us who are the organizers
of this list, accept the apologies of Srini since this purely personal
posting was inadvertantly sent to all members of India_Policy by him in a
hurry (Srini is a very busy architect, and we all understand that "To err
is human, to forgive divine"). 

I would also like to make my apologies for having in any way, indirectly
or howsoever, hurt anyone's sensibilities. My own sensibilities have been
deeply touched in this process and I have forsworn to forego the use of
any 'bad' words or any labels for any other human being, even in private
conversation. I must be the most obnoxious person in the world, and I need
to change myself. 

Apart from these apologies to everyone who must have been shocked at this
post, the following is being done, to limit any liability arising to
anyone on account of accidents of any type. 

1) In this particular case, all mail related to this 'accident' -
including this one - will be manually expunged from the web archives. 

2) You are required to read and agree to the rules below. After you have
completely read the rules below, you have the same option - as always - to
remain on the list or to unsubscribe. If you remain on the list, you are
assumed to have agreed to the rules. Of course, you could suggest
alterations to the rules, since these rules are also up for debate and
constant improvement. 

3) A copy of these rules will be posted on the web site. New members will
be forced to agree to these rules on the India_Policy web page before they
are allowed to subscribe from the web.

And now, for the rules which I hastily drafted out:


Terms and Conditions:

This document is a contract.  It spells out terms and conditions of access
to India_Policy Discussion List, outlines your rights and
responsibilities, and limits the liability of participating members. By
subscribing to (or remaining on India_Policy at any given moment) you
agree to the terms and conditions contained in this contract.

India_Policy is a purely private, voluntary list, where individual
participants are engaged in private discussion in order to arrive at their
personal conclusions. All mail sent out to members of India_Policy list
remains private, even if it is available to 'the rest of the world'
through the World Wide Web. However, individual members may request that a
particular piece of mail be expunged from the web archives, which shall
then be done if that piece of mail was posted to India_Policy by mistake,
for example. This way, the 'rest of the world' will not get to read the
expunged mail. 

Copyright to each posting belongs to the individual member making that
posting. No member of India_Policy may post a copy of ANY message posted
by ANY member to India_Policy to any outside person without the express
consent of the person making that posting. 

If any member is unsatisfied with the quality of discussion, he or she has
the unilateral right to unsubscribe at any time. While members are
encouraged to post to the list as carefully as possible, nobody will be
liable to answer for erroneous posts by anyone, or for alleged violation
of trade-secrets, patents or copyrights by anyone. 

You agree to indemnify the organizers of India_Policy and those who work
toward expanding this work, from all claims which are a result of debates
or any other posting, without exception. At the most you can unsubscribe
from the discussions. 

India_Policy makes no warranties or representations of any kind for the
services which are being provided through this purely voluntary discussion
are not responsible for any loss you suffer as a result of using
India_Policy, including but not limited to, loss resulting from delays,
improper or incomplete delivery of information, possible "computer
viruses," or interruption of service, regardless of cause. Notwithstanding
the above, you agree that should India_Policy be held liable in a court of
law for any action or lack of action related to your or any other member's
use of India_Policy, the liability of the organizers of India_Policy is
limited to Zero US Dollars since there is no subscription fee.

While not required at the moment, in the future, rules may be made
**requiring** the disclosure of your identity in full to the members of
India_Policy, or any other change made to these rules by the organizers,
at each stage of which you will have the right to either debate these
changes or to unsubscribe, and no liability whatsoever shall rest with the
organizers of India_Policy for any loss or damage arising to you from
these changes to the rules. 

India_Policy reserves the right to change these terms, and conditions at
any time, as well as the services offered.  Posting of new terms and
conditions or service changes on the system through a posting to
India_Policy list shall constitute proper notice. 

If you are underage: 

India_Policy requires that its subscribers be at least 18 years of age. If
you are underage, you cannot and should not subscribe. India_Policy is not
liable if anyone below 18 subscribes to this list.

India_Policy prohibits the following actions: 

Any prohibited activity previously stated in this contract. 

Any attempt to flood the List or compromise the security or integrity of
sites and equipment connected directly or indirectly, to the Internet. Any
deliberate attempt to cause traffic levels to rise without reason or for
malicious purposes.

Now, you as a subscriber are assumed to make this declaration, if you

I affirm that I have read this document in its entirety and agree to the
terms and conditions contained in it.  I also affirm that I am at least 18
years of age.  I further understand that India_Policy does not censor or
control in any other manner the contents of the information posted on the
list. The only control is at the level of expunging materials from the
archives. Any information I choose to view or transfer is implicitly bound
by my consent, and I thereby waive all rights and claims towards the
organizers of India_Policy. The only recourse to me if I do not agree to
any rule or any procedure is to get that procedure changed through debate,
or to unsubscribe.

End of Rules.

My sincere apologies once again to members of the list for the
inconvenience caused by today's accident. 

I will try to get the web page up and running within a few hours from now.

I hope we will not let such an inadvertant accident distract us from our
goal of writing a good manifesto. Human failings are too many for us to
stop this task simply because some of us are more human than others. The
ultimate goal is the betterment of India, and achieving the glorious
vision that we see of our nation with our eyes as clearly as if it were
really there, today.

Yours truly,


[suitably contrite, chastened, humble, contemplative...]