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escape from Sanjeev! (fwd)

Dear Professor Sitaramayya explained to me that it was an escape from me
(!) that he had shrewdly executed, and not an escape from reality. Very
cleverly executed escape, indeed! A good decision, I must say, to get rid
of this bantering monster called Sanjeev before he comes in your dreams
like a Godzilla! 

Well, we agree to differ (on what, I don't precisely know yet), and so be
it. When the Professor finds that the intentions here are the same as his
(to make India into a great nation) and that we are only debating the best
methods for that, and if he ever finds some critical thing which needs to
be changed in the Manifesto, I hope he will as shrewdly return. He
presence will be as welcome as ever in the coffee tables of this
Dhaba-cum-Udipi Restaurant named IndiaPolicy: the Great Dosa, Coffee and
Meetha Paan Shop of India. 

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Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 10:31:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ari Sitaramayya <ari@Oakland.edu>
To: sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu
Subject: escape from Sanjeev!

Mr. Sanjeev:

The following post of yours was brought to my attention by a friend who is
a member of your group. True, I unsubscribed yesterday. Your
characterization of that with "escape from reality is often easier than
finding out facts" is interesting. 

You can continue on your path. I explained at great lengths what my
attitude to India's problems is. I didn't hide my views. Because I don't
choose your path doesn't mean that I am escaping from reality. If that is
the kind of reasoning you are taught at USC, I am glad you are there, and
not in my class. 

May be I can try one more time to tell you about my attitude. I don't sit
down and write manifestos when I see problems. I do what little I can to
resolve them. I believe that if every citizen participates in the
democratic process, there would be no need for a new manifesto.

There is another reason why I think it is a waste of my time to
participate in your group. To me the method is a tool to achieve a
goal. To you Capitalism is the ideal. Everything revolves around it. When
you find a problem with that, you conveniently say that we will "regulate
it". Regulation is simply an undefined escape clause. I am a Social
Democrat. For me the Society comes first, not the method. To you, the
society will get the benefit, eventually, of your method. 

What I chose to do, by unsubscribing, is not to escape, but to stop
wasting my time.

But I wish you and your group well.

Sitaramayya Ari
Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Oakland University, MI.