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Re: Escape perhaps easier than finding out facts

Sanjeev: I hope some of us remember the great debates which I had with Sitaramayya Ari. At the end of those debates one had reasons to rejoice when he said that he had understood the kind of work being attempted here. One had reasons to rejoice because Sitaramayya was expected to furnish to us his hard-hitting views through the structure set out in the Rules of Debate.

I was therefore sorely disappointed when Sitaramayya quit this list yesterday. 

I hope the Professor has only temporarily left us for a sabbatical, and will be back to help us hone our views more clearly. I hope he has not left because escape from reality is often easier than finding out facts. 

Utkarsh: I am really sad to know that Prof. Ari has left this list. I personally feel that he will not be back. The reason I feel so is because I thought the debate became personal. I feel that if I were in his place I would have quit earlier. I am not sure that we all are following the rules of debate. Sometimes seem to me that we have gone to the extent of insulting other individuals to prove a point. We also seem to say that we know all. If do hope to attract and retain individuals of differnt experstise and different thinking we need to better listners. And again I think we are here to gain perspectives not to change them. Changes should come from result. 

Finally I would request everyone on the list to keep the tone of the discussion civil. If not then ther is no difference between us and the number of individuals we plan to replace.

Thanks for reading.


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