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Vision Statement

I liked this from Nivikar's article:

"But, as I tell my undergraduate students when I teach them business
strategy, one starts with a vision and mission, then translates the vision
into challenging, but concrete objectives." 

I think we are trying to precisely that, here. The vision that I had laid
out some time ago, in another context, can be incorporated at the top of
the whole list, subject, of course, to debate. Do not be afraid of its
grandiose and seemingly impractical or even heroic magnificence. This is
quite easily achievable. History tells us that we can do it. 250 years ago
it was impossible to distinguish the West from India. 250 years later it
will be the same. We need to convert this from a vision into reality
through a very carefully crafted manifesto and agenda, etc. 

I like Nirvikar's personal vision of 6% per capita GDP growth sustained
for 25 years, but that sounds too low to me. S. Korea did 6.7% for 30 yrs,
Singapore, 6.5% for 30 years and Taiwan 6.2% for 30 years (see


Why should we do worse, given that we know where these nations went wrong? 
Why, when in English, economics, Maths and Science, I and you do better
than Koreans all over the world, we know more than they know, we are
definitely smarter than them, then why should you and I do worse than them
in the next 30 years? Why this pessimism in the vision?

I want to know what it will take to not only catch up but surpass the USA. 
That should be the vision. All else is sterile. We don't want to catch up
with Korea or Indonesia. We want to catch up with and surpass the USA. All
else is a meaningless vision. And I know that we know how to do it, and
pretty quick. That is why this Manifesto thing.

Here is my vision for whatever it is worth:


We shall apply democratic methods and proven scientific and economic
research to achieve three simple goals:

1.Wealth: To make India the most prosperous nation in the world. In the
process we shall completely banish (not merely alleviate) poverty from the
face of India. 

2.Knowledge: To make Indians capable of contributing to human learning to
such an extent that we win the most Nobel Prizes among any nation in the

3.Physical power: To make Indians strong and fast, to make them capable of
winning the top position in the Olympics and in every other sport and
human endeavour. 

These three things will ensure that India will be the Best Place to Be on
This Beautiful, Blue Planet." 

The professor (Nirvikar) wants his students to have a challenging vision,
and convert into challenging objectives. I am your student, now.

So, how is that for a challenging vision? Feel giddy already?

If that is OK and we accept it - then we realize that there is great
urgency to our task. We need more and more people to debate, find out the
best ideas, draft the details, go into the field and persuade the people,
etc. etc. We are building a new nation. And we cannot tolerate any ideas
that have failed and are guaranteed to fail.