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Six Updates

a) Nirvikar wrote to me approving of the use of his article for debates,
and also gave another web site containing other articles/ working papers:


Please do take a look and try to distil some valuable points which we can
use. I would like to request Nirvikar to try to help us clean up the mess
in the manifesto by offering better language, content, etc., wherever

b) Karthik's compilation on Education was very well done, but I did not
have sufficient time to do the conversion properly from Word to HTML. I
have put it almost the way it came, save for a very few changes, at 


Please take a look. And thanks a ton, Karthik. Anyone in this group who is
an expert in doing the small things required to convert Word to HTML
properly, and is willing to contribute to the work? Then I can send over
such material to such person and get the final docuements. Pl. volunteer. 

[I do get tired, you know, and I have to devote at least 40 hrs a week to
my dissertation, else I will be out in the streets. This work is going
well beyond the max of 10 hrs a week that I had allotted for it, when I
began. I need help, or else I will have to allow backlogs to build up (and
I just hate that, just my nature: I was one of the very few crazy officers
who would clear all files each day and leave for home at 11 pm at night,
if necessary).]

c) Added three more contributors/ supporters based on contributions/
telephonic discussions.

Nirvikar Singh, Santa Cruz
Sanjive Mehta, Delhi
Sanjib Goswami, Guwahati

d) Based on the material that Charu sent in (which is well-known to all
students of political economy but might surprise even an average
communist), I have prepared a simple page called: Karl Marx on Capitalism


which can be accessed through the Notes section (then capitalism).
Suggestions for improvement of this little note, are invited.

e) Added a few points to 


This now includes a section containing submissions/ notes by members of
this list. Please submit such web sites containing your own notes. Even if
you have Word or other format documents, that will do. I will put up in
suitable format on the web. Copyrights belong to authors, of course,
always. See


f) I am hoping to write a 'general' welcome letter for new members and put
it up on the web, since there are many similar questions that are asked by
new members, and it will be a good idea to simply refer them to the
concerned web site. Any suggestions?