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New contributors/ supporters listed

I have listed the following sporadic contributors/ supporters from both
inside and outside the list:

Aditya Mishra
Balaji Prakash
Pravin Mishra

You of course have the choice of sending mail to me if you do not want to
see your name here. The listing of names is purely voluntary and not
coercive. I simply use the data on contributors (whether serious or
non-serious) to build this new list from time to time.

On Aditya, I could compile the following from his web page and his
becoming my competitor in the scanning of pictures of my customers. $2,000
vs. $0. What is the point? I give up. You do all the picture scanning,

"Aditya is a computer scientist working in Florida. Before immigration to
the USA, he was an exploration Geophysicist in India. He has post graduate
degrees from Lucknow University, India and University of Pennsylvania,
Philadelphia. An occasional contributor, he likes scanning pictures for
others, free of cost, and likes driving down the monopolistic rates fixed
on the list by a particularly greedy bureaucrat."

Of course, Aditya and everyone else is fully entitled to re-write and
present their own views on their own perceived roles/ personalities,
hopes/ aspirations for India, etc.


PS: We seem to have slowed down in the acquisition of new subscribers to
this list. Only 41 by today. At this rate, we will take a few thousand
years to involve everyone from India. That just might be a bit too
late for India, what do you say? Plus, the disadvantage of most of us
perishing out of sheer oldness in the meanwhile...

Therefore, please shoot off mail to all your friends etc., asking them to
come out in the open and debate their ideas so that we and they and
everyone in India can sword-fight and find out the winner. 

And if you do support this effort even, as well as at least the broad
thrust of the 'findings' so far, then please send your name/ brief biodata
to me to put up on the web.