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Re: Volunteers needed

On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, KARTHIK wrote:

> Hi,
> I gladly volunteer. But I won't be able to spend more than 3 hr.s a 
> week, since I am currently busy with my work. Further, I would be 
> able to do this task only over the week-end.
> If it is acceptable, let me know what I need to do, in specific 
> terms.
> Regards.
> -- Karthik.

Thanks a lot, Karthik. Great help, indeed. 

What I had in mind is a topic-wise collection of questions and answers. A
simple cut-and-paste would do at the initial stage. The most important
debates so far have been on (I think): 

*	The Economic system: capitalism vs. socialism
*	Big Govt. vs. Small government
*	Causes of corruption
*	Can bureaucrats (or anyone else) fix prices?
	-	price of labor (wage)
	-	price of money (interest)
	-	price of commodities (public sector goods)
*	Rural Development (IRDP, Grameen, farm policy, etc.)
*	Shall we give people a Fundamental Right to Education
*	Population control: linkages with the economic system.
*	Poverty - which economic system does better?
*	Urbanization vs. providing modern facilities to villages
	etc. etc..

I think at this stage, if you can simply to go the web search engine and
type in these key words, then quickly scan the mail, and if relevant, cut
and past the entire mail into a single document which can then be mailed
to me for sticking on the web page, that would be great. 

Once this is done for most topics, the next step might be to convert the
e-mails into a Q/A type format so that people might find their most
commonly asked queries inside this type of a FAQ. 

I think we are all very grateful for the 3 hrs that you are going to put
in each week. Your contributions will be acknowledged on the web page as
the leading volunteer. 

If others can try to either personally do this kind of voluntary work or
contact others who could help, then we can prepare a FAQ which will go a
long way in helping people answer their questions even if they enter the
debates much later. Once others come in, then I guess Karthik could
coordinate this work, to avoid duplication. 

These FAQs would be a very good starting point for the flyers to be
prepared for mass distribution for village-level and college-level

Thanks, once again. The few hours a week you put in will help these
debates grow to the national level, and help the People to begin to
seriously re-think the system they have created.