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General Debate

Ari, I'm really glad you answered those questions. My purpose in doing so
was not aimed at getting you to agree with me. I would have been just as
happy if you had disagreed with me. As I mentioned in my e-mail earlier,
when tackling a problem, it is better to first agree upon a set of general
concepts that can be used to tackle the problem. Once agreed upon by the
group, the discussion can go one step further and generate a number of
specific ideas/proposals under each general idea/concept. The discussion
can go on in this manner generating sub-ideas and sub-sub-ideas just like
how a tree divides into a few branches each of which then goes on to divide
into more branches and so on and so on, with the discussion becoming more
detailed and more specific as we move from the larger branches to the
smaller ones. One can then go on to talk about methods to implement each
sub-sub-idea. However there must be general agreement at each branch of the
discussion through debate and persuasion.
	Before Sanjeev gets me wrong, I have not claimed that the general points I
brought up re:farm policy are the correct ones to use as starting points.
He as already argued why the first 2 points are not feasible and I do agree
with some of the arguments he brought up. I suggested that illegal sources
of private lending be banned. Sanjeev, I still believe in the substance of
this point. Let me phrase it another way--- There must be legislation
making loan shark activity illegal. I'm not sure if there is one  at the
moment or if it is adequate. Perhaps someone could enlighten me? 


> From: Ari Sitaramayya <ari@Oakland.edu>
> To: Rozario <tiroz@mbox4.singnet.com.sg>
> Cc: Ari Sitaramayya <ari@Oakland.edu>
> Subject: Re: Farm policy
> Date: Tuesday, June 02, 1998 3:34 AM
> On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Rozario wrote:
> > whether you agree or disagree with these broad principles. Do you agree
> > disagree that low interest loans should be made available through
> > development banks? Do you agree or disagree that illegal sources of
> > lending should be banned? (Sanjeev has expressed reservations on both
> > counts) 
> Agree. My philosophy is that any productive enterprise possible at
> the village level is worth encouraging. So, loans at the prevailing
> interest rates should be available to farmers so that they shouldn't have
> to go to loan sharks. I have no problem with private lending as long as
> is within the bounds of regulated interest rates. 
> The reason why I pointed out the roles of govt in your proposals is only
> because they seem to diverge from the group's philosophy as evident in
> your documents (preamble etc). But I am with you. 
> Do you agree or disagree that no group or company  should hold a
> > monopoly on fertilisers and that competition should be encouraged? 
> Agree.
> > Do you
> > agree or disagree that quality control should be established? 
> agree.
> Do you agree
> > or disagree that companies found faking fertilisers should be
> > and blacklisted?
> Disagree. the owners should be thrown in shark tanks.
> > If you can answer these questions, we can move on from there
> > 
> > John
> Sitaramayya Ari.