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RE: legal reform

Rallabandi said:
> 	There was an article in Times of India about five retired
> IPS officers publishing a booklet titled "Recommendations to speed up police
> investigations and court trials.'' You can read this article at:
> http://www.timesofindia.com/today/02indi20.htm
> I am wondering if we could get a hold of this report somehow. Does anyone
> have any contacts in India to accomplish something like this? One of the
> things the officers recommended was to get rid of the "anticipatory bail"
> thing, which apparently doesn't exist in any other country.
This should be seen in the light of the right in most countries for an accused
or suspect to have a legal representative when he is questioned by the police
but the officers want the to privilege of  questioning in isolation.

In view of the high level of corruption in the police cadre in India, this is
the only remedy for some one to avoid being victim of their tyranny. Of course
both remedies are available only to those who can afford a lawyer.
Have a peaceful and prosperous day.
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