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Re: Farm policy

On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, Ari Sitaramayya wrote:

>  I am looking for answers to this problem. If the
> answers I get here sound reasonable to me, I could do my part for the
> resolution of this problem in India, and I could decide whether I should
> hang around this group or not.

I am eternally grateful for your help. We are building the solutions
together, and I am still looking for a point wise debate on issues/ new
point-wise contributions for inclusion in the manifesto, and subject to

> > 1. Make low interest loans available to needy farmers through development
> > banks
> I see govt (small and intelligent) in this proposal.

John (and earlier Prem) lost this point even before. This is NOT the
debated winner.

> > 2. Ban illegel sources of private lending.

> Govt again.

John lost this point too. Not part of the manifesto. Please do read the
debates in full, before brining back your old observations. 

> > 3. Ensure that no group or company holds a monopoly on fertilisers.
> > Encourage competition.
> Who will do this?

This is clearly the job of government, which will of course happen only if
there is production of fertilizer in the country. We still import huge
quantities of fertilizer, made by private, efficient companies across the
globe. We need to completely privatize our public sector fertilizer
concerns in the first place, despite there being a couple of "relatively"
efficient ones among the (Gujarat's plant, e.g.,).

> > 4. Random checks on fertilisers using chemical analysis ie. quality control

> And how will this be done?

Repeating the point? Why? This requires government. That is the ONLY role
that govt. needs to have: to monitor, regulate, and to standardize. NOT to
produce directly, or to distribute directly.

> > 5. Prosecuting and blacklisting companies found faking fertilisers.
> Judiciary (govt) here.

Same thing as above.

> My observation, correct me if I am wrong, is that when it comes to solving
> a real problem, all of you see roles for the govt. But when it
> comes to general expression of policy in an ideal manifesto, you want a
> small but intelligent govt.  I find a contradiction here.

Perhaps you did not read the Preamble yet. It says:

"There is a role for government not only in the basic tasks of governance,
but in economic activity." 

The Manifesto and Agenda seek to define that small role very clearly.
Beyond that, all attempts to give government a role in economic activity
will completely backfire on the people, as has happened in the past 50

I hope we see things clearly, now. And thanks for your continued
participation, though I would really appreciate your actual solutions,
rather than a review of already debated solutions.