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how did the Mangalwadis support themselves? The answer to the question is simple: people who knew what he was trying to achieve supported him financially (and still do). His books and lectures and broadcasts obviously produce some money. And he still does not have much more than the clothes he stands up in ....so it does have something to do with dedication (he has just offered to donate all the rights for his filmscripts to found a new Indian charity). The point is not whether he has become my friend as a result of his work or whether I would like people to buy his books. The point is that his ACTUAL EXPERIENCES AND THE RESULTING REFLECTIONS are worth thinking about in the context of our policy-making, so that we can be REALISTIC in the policies we develop. But, Kush, you are absolutely right when you say "infrastructure cannot be developed without government taking the lead". Infrastructure development is one of the key tasks of government, though it may not be necessary for government to fund all the development itself. Prabhu

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