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Two medical systems?

     >  Why do we need to encourage two medical systems? Those who want to 
     practise any of these are free to do so. If at all encouragement is to 
     be given, there must be just one system - the best from each. In any 
     case, government should not get into research funding for technology 
     and medicine - there is enough commercial use and it is possible to 
     sustain it through private participation.<
     India is the only country in the world, so far as I am aware, which 
     supports not two but three systems of medicine (allopathic, Unani and 
     As someone with a long-standing though amateur interest in medical 
     matters (but I do treat most of the medical problems in my household 
     of six!), I don't want to go in detail into the merits and demerits of 
     the various medical systems.
     Suffice it to say that this support for the 3 systems is one of the 
     good things being done by the government since Independence, since it 
     allows Indians to have the benefits of all three systems (Western 
     countries are only now beginnning to appreciate the benefits of 
     traditional systems of medicine).

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