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Re: recasting educational policy alongside other policie

I understand Prabhu Guptara will like more people to buy his friend's
books (Vishal Mangalwadi).  I am sure that the Mangalwadi's had
interesting experiences but how were the Mangalwadis supporting
themselves financially while living in rural Madhya Pradesh or
whereever?  What were there sources of income?

The point is that in the end it is all economics and not dedication of
individuals.  Give the right economic and professional opportunities
and people will go.  It is unrealistic to expect a group of people to
go to remote places where life is hardly viable.   Moreover,
infrastructure cannot be developed without government taking the lead.
 We need to "take" India district by district.  You cannot have
development from the center.  We need tecnology and professionalism in
government.  It has to start at the center, go to states and then on
to the district level.  That is why government must get out of those
areas where it does not belong and get into areas where it does.  
Private attempts at rural or other social development, howsover
grandiose, are bound to fail.

Kush Khatri

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