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Misc. (administrative)

a) Antony was in San Francisco; we spoke over phone today morning. He
wanted to inform that he has cleared the domain name dues with InterNIC,
i.e., $70. 

b) Ajay's points: Please check out


I'll try to re-work this memo to make it suitable for IP. Others who 
can may please also take a look at it and suggest suitable changes needed
for IP.

As far as members are concerned: I think all current subscribers who are
living in India at the moment, should be definitely invited to be part of
the 7. Please let me know which of you would like to sign (the final draft
will be mailed acrss India from place to place to complete this task). I
would particularly like S.D. Sharma, Parth Shah, Barun Mitra, Jal
Khambata, Madhu, and Shantanu (among those in India) to consider signing
as fouding members. K.S. Sastry might be persuaded by Ajay to at least
sign up as founding member. I would have liked to have Prof. Subroto Roy
but I've not been able to write to him so far. I know that many who are
outside India would like to sign up but I would suggest that we let the
work progress in a very practical manner. All non-residents could become a
part of the Advisors, or whatever... 

a) branches can be set up in other countries (particularly in USA) if
really necessary.

b) the membership of the board should be for 1 year each; ie., rotation
would be considered an ideal thing. We can incorporate that in the memo.

These are just some thoughts: others, please share views. (I now wonder if
it is going to be possible for Antony - who works with Indian IT
professionals, but lives mostly in Malaysia since one year, to be the
founder President. I think Parth also works in USA much of the time, but
is registered and the President in India. Ajay, could you please check out
the rules and see what rules apply for residential requirements in the
Societies Act.) 


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