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MPs to donate funds to party

"Ulti ganga"

Just thought I'd share this:


"What is eye catching in the paper is the methods which the Congress
should adopt to raise funds for the party with Union Ministers paying a
whopping Rs 50,000 annually into the party coffers, members of parliament
Rs 10,000, AICC members Rs 1000, PCC members should give Rs 500, active
members Rs 200 and Zila Parishad members Rs 100 annually. It is felt that
if a regular yearly income is coming into the party it would lessen the
party's dependence on business houses and other donations which may not be
in the long term interest of the party." 

Did we not read somewhere else that all parties have wanted a ban on
donations from businesses?

Now, if this happens, and if MPs are earning a measley Rs.4,500 as monthly
income, then this is a tax on MPs: pay Rs.10,000 to the party each year! 

Someone - please explain how electoral funding works in India. I am
totally confused. Instead of the party spending on MP, it is the MP that
has to spend on party!

One really needs to read the actual rules/ procedures on this topic, plus
see an actual report of campaign finance filed by a sitting MP from Delhi
or Bombay or some other metropolis.


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