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Ajay has agreed to be Secretary of IP

Dear friends,

Please find below extracts from correspondence between me and Ajay. I am
personally very pleased that he has offered his services for the purpose
of getting feedback on the draft manifesto from at about 10,000
well-known/ well-established Indians (we'll draft out the letter in due

I would like to know, for example, how and where, the existing MPs,
confederations of industries, Labor Unions, etc., differ from this ideal,
well-researched document. If they agree with its contents, then they
should implement it, or help implement it. If we are able to get at least
1,000 signatories for the final document (to be published on 1/1/2000),
that would be some progress. 

Once we have a printed document in our hands, representing the consensus
of at least 1,000 Indians, we will know what kind of communication/
education efforts need to be made through flyers, etc. 

Ajay will now be the Founder-Secretary of IndiaPolicy Institute of
Political Economy (does anyone want to suggest a different name?). We will
all work out the memo of association in the coming months to ensure that
this internet community is well-grounded in the law of India. 

I was also looking for (and please: all this is loud thinking: no finality
about these suggestions: everything is open to debate) Regional
Representatives of IP in different States of India. In addition, from
different nations. We have members from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong,
Germany, Switzerland, USA, Mexico, and perhaps from other nations. It
would perhaps be a good idea to list the names of Regional Reps. For the
USA there should be State-wise Reps, since we have so many from USA.
Additionally, Advisors are needed.

The reason for this is that when letters are sent out on a letterhead, the
reader should be able to understand that this is the consequence of some
work/ discussion already, involving people across the world.

These are just some loud thoughts, as usual. Plesae contradict me, correct
me, suggest better alternatives, as usual ...

Thanks, once again, to Ajay, for taking up this task (I hope we will not
be demanding of his time). 

This will be the first and only Institute of public policy established in
India without the members even meeting each other face to face. 
Interesting are the possibilities of the internet ... 


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Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 07:22:57 +0530
From: Ajay Gandhi <wings@hd1.vsnl.net.in>
To: 'Sanjeev Sabhlok' <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu>
Subject: IP Institute of Political Economy

Dear Sanjeev

OK, I shall take up the task.

Whether we should have a separately paid person to handle the job or not, we
shall see later on as the work progresses. Not now.


We can work out the budget of expenses as work progresses. Right now, my
office can handle some work.

Let me know how we proceed now.

Best regards.

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From: Sanjeev Sabhlok [mailto:sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu]
Sent: Monday, August 31, 1998 3:16 AM
To: Ajay Gandhi
Subject: RE: IP Institute of Political Economy

Dear Ajay,

Thanks for your mail. The key purpose of setting up IP as a society
somewhere in India is to ensure that funds can be channeled into it for
purposes of expanding the consensus. Clearly, I would not expect you to
spend any time on this effort comparable to what I have spent these 5
months (my time investment will come down now). Since you already have a
staff, you could add one more staff member on a part time basis, to help
out. That person should be interested in this exercise, preferably.

I would think that we could raise about Rs. 1.0 lakh this year, for
administrative purposes. You would only be required to communicate the
task to the paid staff member and to help organize things. 


I hope that you will find it convenient to be the founder Secertary of IP
Institute and to help expand the debate/s on the ground.



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