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Re: Code of conduct - one more thought

I could not understand a word of what Mr. Mahesh is trying to say
here. Could he or someone else who understood this explain?
Kush Khatri

---Ash Mahesh <ash_mahesh@hotmail.com> wrote:
I noticed the moves being made to once again make the CBI subject to 
political control, in violation of the SC's directives. In this
regard, I feel that the ideal party should add this to the code of conduct:

"all elected members shall waive, by association and membership, any 
privileges by which specific permission of the government or any of
its arms is required for their prosecution in courts of law for any 
offences, civil or criminal"

One could argue that this opens members to unreasonable prosecution, 
but that is a matter which has to be addressed in a different context. 
We do need provisions to protect members from unreasonable prosecution,
but I think such provisions are already in place, for the most part.

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