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Re: Wealth of MPs -Reply

Both Andrew and Arvind are assuming that the rest of the system will
stay the same while we ask the MPs to make a public discosure of their
net worth.  This is not only unfair, but shall not work.  As I have
advocated you cannot change the system by merely focusing on MPs or
politicians.  Arvind is right in pointing out that it is foolish to
disclose personal asset information while your Law Enforcement and
Judicial system is in disarray.  Exposing MPs to blackmail is not only
unwise but shall discourage potentially everyone--honest and dishonest
people alike from entering public service.
Likewise Andrew assumes that Procurement and other activities of the
government will remain the same because he assumes that politicians
will be able to influence government procurment and contracing
All this brings us back to what I have repeated here before.  Without
technology and professionalism you will not be able to curtail
Kush Khatri

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