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Avalanche needs to be curbed!

Well, after receiving this msg below from Mr. K.S. Sastry, I am seriously
thinking of trying to set up the daily digest, a project that had got
stalled for a while. Dear Mr. Sastry, this is the last msg you'll receive
from IP at the moment. Once I set up the digest, maybe you'd like to
subscribe to keep in touch. You could also keep in touch on the web by
reading the archives whenver you wish to (this is an option for all others
who feel swamped by the 'avalanche' of mail; please do not hesitate to
unsubscribe if you feel you are unable to manage this debate! No offence
will be taken by anyone!). 

Second, if the Foundation for Democratic Reforms has any work done in this
regard, please let us know; finally, if they don't have a web page and
want one, I can set one up for them, to help kickstart their web presence. 



(For those with a budding carpal tunnel syndrome, here's something I am
going to share: there is a steel brace available for the wrist to keep it
in the correct posture: I've got one today and I'll let you know if it
helps ease the pain. Folks like us who are furious typists should learn
these defensive techniques.)

> From: "K.S.Sastry" <kssastry@hd1.vsnl.net.in>
> To: <debate@indiapolicy.org>
> Subject: Avalanche of messages
> Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 11:21:01 +0530
> Dear Sanjeev
>     I am writing to request that my name be taken off the mailing list as I
> am unable to cope with the volume of mail I am receiving.
>     For one thing, it is not all that easy in India to get on to the
> internet and to maintain the connection for a reasonable lenght of time.
>     Secondly, I have other interests and I do not have too much spare time
> for argumentation and debate.
>     That said, I am interested in the outcome of the debate. So, what you
> could do, if you wish to keep this old foggy in the picture, is to send me
> the version of 'India policy' as it stands today and keep updating it for
> me, say, once a week.
>     An organisation called the Foundation for Democratic Reforms (FDR), with
> a proactive wing called the Lok Satta, has been in existence in Hyderabad
> for a couple of years. It is non-profit NGO. It takes a holistic approach to
> the issue of governance. I have volunteered to spend a couple of afternoons
> each week
> with them to set up some kind of a research and documentation centre. I will
> pass on your draft policy statement to them with a view to seeing whther
> there are areas of common interest. You will no doubt keep in mind the
> limitations I have mentioned earlier.
> Regards

> KS

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