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Re: quick resp.-Hong kong

As for  Hong Kong solutions not being valid for India because Hong Kong is
just a city, you may be totally correct. yet, i would suggest nothing
should be brushed aside without a careful study of the issue. i have little
understanding of financial and banking issues but i should think sufficient
data is available on the internet and public libraries if one wants to
carry out in depth study. all i can tell you is that in Hong Kong, not one
but there are 3 note issuing banks (Hong Kong Bank, Standard Chartered and
Bank of China). I may be wrong, but to my knowledge, there are two note
issuing banks in UK...the Bank of England and Bank of Scotland. Both the
banks however or publically owned, whereas the first two named in Hong Kong
are privately owned.

To my simple mind, i do not see why  what can be successfully applied in
Hong Kong, cannot be applied in India. The issue however does require
further in-depth study.

this is my one paisa (not cent) worth.


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