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FW: Do we need greater focus/action?

> Some folks on this thread have argued that the current efforts are too

> airy-fairy to make a realistic difference in the lives of the people
> most need to see our thoughts translated into action. I disagree, but 
> not entirely. I think it is imperative for IP to demonstrate that in a

> limited sense, any large-scale objectives we have (uplift India, for 
> e.g.) must be meaningfully tied to much smaller-scale achievements. I 
> realize that various policies make individual contributions toward the

> larger goal, and don't discount that. 

I too feel we are losing focus and the discussion is becoming esoteric.
The whole purpose of the group is defeated. I hope we can go back to
discussing and formulating ideal policies. I am not against the
point of view once in a while but I hope it will not be more than once
in a
while. Otherwise we will turn into just another discussion group.

> etc. And yet when we finally launched in early August, we have no more

> than a dozen people who were actually beyond their initial skepticism.

> Many were enthusiastic about the idea, but that didn't stop them from 
> having a "it's been tried before" attitude alongside. Now that we have

Frankly, when I first joined IP , I was cynical. Then I revised my
because I felt that this is a group which doesn't want to just talk but
to do something but of late, I have again started feeling that nothing
come out of the whole thing. Can we please stick to discussing *real*
issues? It
will also help BDP in a big way. 
Posters are bound to get carried away and might end up posting something
offtrack. Obviously the moderator cannot read every post but I am sure
the person who goes off track can be reminded so that the discussion
becomes meaningful again. If anybody feels other issues should be
why not have a seperate sub group?


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